Gevalia Pod Coffee Maker

Don’t know about this one, but I own a couple of Senseo machines and I haven’t bought a pod in years.

Since this machine will take Senseo pods, I’d guess this would work.

“Pod” based makers are the ink jet printers of coffee brewing.

The type of invention where in the genius lies not in the cost of entry, but in the upkeep.

Fine if you don’t mind spending a bundle per cup.

Fine if you don’t mind giving up all control over the brewing process.

Fine if you don’t mind the waste, and the slavery to a proprietary format which may become obsolete in the next product cycle.

I prefer to take ownership of my coffee brewing. It’s why I work with a french press - no waste, easy to clean, cheap, essentially maintenance free. Plus, I get to control the inputs - the bean, the grind, the freshness. Hell, I could if inclined buy green coffee beans and roast them myself - try doing that with type of maker.

In short: a trendy pretender which will wind up in the landfill sooner rather than later.

So I know with the larger coffee makers, there is a sensor for when something is under the spot where coffee comes out. Does it just start pouring out coffee or is there button or some type of sensor?

If it can run Senseo pods, it can run anything compatible with Senseo pods - which can help with the cost of the pods. But, especially with coffee, the lower the price, the lower the quality of the product…unless you’re a wooter!

I reccomend a flavia machine if you want a coffee machine that requires special packages unique to the machine. Flavia is no cleanup.

Push a button. One heats the water (or a device which the water runs through. When it’s ready, push another to actually start the coffee making process.

“Never as good! we have a coffee maker at work that does several sorts of coffee (no tea, but it does give you hot water to put the tea-bag in) and hot chocolate, but I definitely prefer the homemade stuff. Just put a mug of milk in the microwave (a minute or two til it’s good and hot, depending on the “strength”) and plunk in some dark chocolate and a sweetener (sugar or honey depending on what you like - I usually use honey before bedtime and sugar in daytime). Don’t do it with the Senseo even if you do find the pods! Speaking of hot chocolate, I’m going to make me some! Thanks for reminding me! “Hello, I’m Jo and I’m a chocoholic” LOL”

Got that slightly hilarious answer, Here.

Here’s an article that describes how to make your own pods. Attempt at your own risk though, as these devices use high pressure, unlike a normal Mr. Coffee-style drip machine.

Godiva does, but it’s still got coffee in it.

The makers of these machines use the Gillette-- sell the machinery cheap-to-free, sell the consumable at ridiculously marked up prices.

If anyone would like to know how to use your own coffee and make your own pods, take a look at this article and see if you can’t save yourself some green.

I can’t guarantee it’ll work with this model, but I’ve seen it used for a Senseo machine and a Mr. Coffee machine. YYMV.

Try the Dolce Gusto machine! It does 15 bars of pressure and the Hot Chocolate is amazing!

To your point, you get more coffee out of a 1 lb can of Folgers (or equivalent) than out of 1 package of pods… and the pods cost more.

can’t you get this for about the same price, with a pound of coffee, if you start a gevalia membership? Or do they only offer the sweet programmable 12-cuppers that I got from them? I don’t pay much attention, until my brewer breaks.

Someone’s probably mentioned it while I wrote this, but senseo pods are only about 30 cents each at various online retailers.

If you’re looking for a full-size coffeemaker, I found this gevalia deal with a quick search: … 2 lb of coffee, a travel mug, and a programmable coffemaker for $20. You just have to remember to cancel your membership, or they’ll send you overpriced coffee every month ad infinitum

Is the woman at ehow out of her MIND!!!. Is there anyone in the world, still breathing that is, that actually needs directions on how to buy ANYTHING from another site?? She actually “step by steps” from going to the Gevalia site and start to finish buying. Maybe it’s me. But isn’t that like a slap in the face to the site designers for Gevalia, that they actually need someone to help other people use their site. Or was she hired by Gevalia to help them… ahh that justifies the overpriced coffe on their site… sorry , my bad…carry on.

This is the closest to reviews I could find.

EDIT: I may have made the same mistake as spd2base, meaning it appears to be a different model. Follow link at your own risk.

Gevalia used to give these away if you signed up for their coffee program. Their coffee is great, but this pod offee maker is awful. We went through three of them before giving up and getting a Senseo. Water would leak, or the machine wouldn’t prime. It was a nightmare.

There are much better options out there if you want a single serve coffee maker.

Im wanting one, but i hear that the pods can bust if they get to hot, is this true?

It pours when you push the button. But I believe there is a small reservoir at the bottom just in case you forgot your cup, which I’ve done.

Are Gevalia Coffee Pods the same as T-discs?

looks like a good deal, but can’t justify having a keurig and this :frowning: