Gevalia Pod Coffee Maker

Oh just so I don’t seem bitter from the "How to buy coffee rant (get it bitter…coffee blog…oh never mind that)here is an Amazon add for a reusable filter…

I’ve never had that with Senseo. I’m definitely not as familiar with these though, but if the pods are interchangeable, I doubt it. Regardless, it’s not like you need the pods to get hot anyway.

We have a Bosch Tassimo coffee maker and have tried the “Suchards” brand hot chocolate and that is some great stuff.

Two years ago you could get cocoa pods from a German company. They are long gone…
Another advise: Once you open the bag the pods last only a few weeks. There are some individually packed pods. those are usually of great quality (taste) and would last about 18 months as long as you have not unwrapped the individual pod.

Regarding Pods: They are available at most grocery stores. Senseo makes them and so does Folgers in addition to Gevalia. Runs about $5.50 or so for 16 to 18 pods.

It’s simple math:

Glass carafe + glass or porcelain cone + paper filter + coffee + hot water = a good pot o’ Joe.

Gevalia Pod?

POD = Pretty_Odd_Drippin’

I hate these pod-based coffee makers, which are basically machines made to sell coffee/tea cartridges. That’s why these machines are often sold and rock-bottom prices. Some are even given away free because they make their money off expensive pods. It’s similar to inkjet printers which are often given free so that they can rob you throught ink cartridges.

If there was a pod standard, I might tolerate them but even then, pods are much more expensive than normal ground coffee or instant coffee because of the packaging. As for the special flavorings, you can buy a bottle of coffee flavoring for a few bucks. I’d only consider buying these if compatible non-OEM pods existed, much like you can buy compatible ink cartriges on eBay.

And no, you generally cannot use tea bags or make your own pods. Tea bags are made to be steeped or immersed for several minutes. I believe these machines merely shoot hot water through the pods to release the flavors. I’m pretty sure they’re specially made to release their flavors quickly so you can’t simply put normal coffee in a filter or cheese cloth and put it in the machine.

PS - these are good stocking stuffers though because they cost you so little and the burden of buying pods is on the recipient.

I saw someone mentioned Coffee Wiz… here is a link directly to their pods section.

The link

From what it looks like, the Senseo pods look like the Gevalia pods… not sure if they are the exact dimensions, or concentration… but should work, since there are MANY brands of pods… but not as many brands of Pod style coffee makers.

I use my maker with Tetley British Blend bags. They’re round, fit the pod holder perfectly, and have more tea in each bag than normal bags. They make an outrageously good tea because the brewing is pumped through it. No chance for bitter oils. I’ve had Gevalia for years and they’re hardware AND coffee is the best. Going for it.

This confused me at first. I thought that she’s a lawyer and therefore (by some logic) should have a more refined taste for coffee.

Yuck!! I have this and it’s JUNK!!! I went and bought a Keurig spent a lot more but it was WORTH IT!!

If you just drink a couple/few cups of coffee a day, this is probably a very good match for you.

I’ve got a Senseo that I’ve been using for a few years, and I love the ease of use, the ease of cleanup, and (as long as your pods are fresh) the taste of the coffee. I actually prefer it over “regular” brewed coffee.

And you can’t beat the price (my Senseo was way more $$ than this, and I’d assume the quality is about the same if you’re using the same pods). If my Senseo wasn’t still going strong, I’d definitely be all over this deal.

Very true! To solve that, we’ve put our Senseo pods in an airtight Oxo container. They can last several more weeks in them.

The Perfect Pod maker and filter papers are easy to use to make your own pods. Grind the coffee as fine as you can otherwise you won’t extract the full coffee flavor. The maker and filters are available from

I’ve used this method for a couple of years. Once you get the hang of it, you can make a weeks’s supply (20 pods for me) in about 10 minutes.

According to the front page, there’s also a basket specifically for tea bags.

HA HA HA HA!!! You know you just jinxed yourself! Now tomorrow you’ll wake up and your Senseo wont work.

see my post, page 3

I’ve owned one of these for a while now, and opposed to regular, reusable coffee filters, the pod versions work really well.

i’ve had this set of two for around 3 months, you just need to soak them in bleach-water every week or two, and they’re as good as new. i haven’t even used the second one yet.

It’s TEN bucks ! Are we over thinking this?

For the once or twice a month that me and the Mrs. want vanilla or hazelnut coffee it seems to be fantastic. Even for the times one of us is out of town and only need to make one cup of brew that morning…

Even if it breaks after 50 cycles, it will have saved money and time over going to a coffee shop.

I just ordered a Keurig for my girlfried but spent way more than she asked me to. Perhaps I’ll give her both models and let her decide what she wants and I’ll put the other on ebay. I assume if we don’t keep it I can regain my money by selling it off.