Gevalia Pod Coffee Maker

Don’t forget, a bag of quality pods will run you approx $5. It’s still vastly cheaper than Starbucks, for a product of similar quality.

NO WAY!!! HANDS DOWN KEURIG IS the way to go! I have one and if someone tried to take it from me they would surely be in pain!

Here’s a useful post!!!~~~

Right you are, and I was being general about the machines, not to one specific brand. However on my machine the separate baskets for tea and coffee just have different sized meshes in them, they’re still made for their respective pods. The included tea basket for this particular one most likely does not mean it’s for regular tea bags, assuming it’s like my machine.

Not to over-think this…but couldn’t you always just run the water through the machine with no pod and then stick your teabag of choice into the mug?

54 bucks on Amazon! Nice deal

Hi Sandy… I know you are too smart for this post… but…I think a spoon and hot water make damn good hot cocoa…there are hot cocoa pods out there… but why?

yeah, from my experience the basket just holds the pods, it does not really do anything else. youd still need a somewhat round shaped pod. however i have seen alot of posts on here about different brands and sizes of pods. in response to those you can usually get by if the pod is too large as you can sorta squeeze the sides in so that it al fits, but if it is too small you will get nasty brown coffeeish water which is worse than burnt coffee. so lesson is too big is better than to small =)

EDIT: turtlegirl1 has a good idea as well, though for that you could always just microwave your mug of water

buy a coffee maker for the price of 2.4 cups of coffee at starbucks, not a bad deal if you break it down like that.

But too big, and you will have water squirting out the sides. I have a lot of experience with that…but that’s the nature of making coffee at 5 the morning. has Senseo pods 18 packs for 5.29 but buy one get one 50% off. You can use 20% bing cashback on top of that.

Do i need to use only Gevalia pods? or does the machine take all brands? both tassimo and keurig only use their own brands of coffee…

Read the product description…and then read the previous 3 pages.

does the guy who decides whether you are a quality post or not do anything else at woot I wonder? I would love a job where I can be that subjective towards others.

I own a pod maker and a K-cup. My pod maker is a Melita (very similar style to this one) and my k-cup is a super duper fancy Breville I bought from sellout woot a few months ago.

My thoughts: The pods are about 1/2 the price of the k-cups, however, with k-cups, you get a lot more availability of k-cups and flavors. Here in OKC, the grocery stores do have pods, but only two or three different flavors (Sumatra, medium roast, dark roast are the norms). Of these, the medium roast was the most drinkable IMO. My pod maker however, is currently put away and the k-cup maker has been used exclusively since I got it and I doubt I’ll be going back to the pod maker. The k-cups just are better tasting IMO.

It’s hard for me to compare the makers themselves because my Breville is the top of the line k-cup maker you can buy and run about $249 new (Sellout was selling refurbs for $80) whereas my pod maker was only $15 new and no where near the quality. Coffee wise, they both have good tasting coffee and are perfect if you only have two cups or so a day. I do prefer the coffee from my k-cup maker however.

Bottom line, this is not a bad deal at all for someone who is looking to try a single serve coffee pod/disk/k-cup style maker on the cheap.

does anyone know how fast this is in comparison to the keurig?

It takes approx. 20 seconds to brew an 8 ounce cup.

I hate crapping on deals, but as one of the resident coffee snobs I feel the need to chime in here. I got one of these years ago from one of the Gevalia deals (probably $10 shipped with a few boxes of pods), and soon after it went right to Goodwill. The machine itself is not built very well and feels cheap and light. Any $60+ price tags on any other shopping sites are ridiculous, given that Gevalia gives these things away all the time.

The resulting cup of coffee is quite honestly one of the worst cups of coffee I’ve ever had. I tried time and time again to get even a decent cup out of this machine, but to no avail. I tried 4 of the Gevalia varieties of pods, each was brewed terribly weak (despite using two pods for a 12-oz pull) and tasted bland, much like hot water with a hint of, well… bad coffee.

I’ve been buying/selling/roasting coffees from all over the world for years now, and trust me, all you need for a quality cup 'o joe are some good quality beans, a burr grinder, a standard drip machine, and a thermal carafe (to prevent the heating element in the machine from burning the coffee after brewing).

But if you do buy this, I hope you enjoy it!

Does anyone know if the round tea bags from Republic of Tea would work in this?

ETA: Their tea bags are about 2.25" in diameter.


I’ve used my Keurig $99 machine at least twice a day since I got it last Christmas. Starbucks sorely misses my business.