Geyser Peak Alexander Valley Merlot (2)

Geyser Peak Alexander Valley Merlot 2-Pack
$34.99 $̶6̶8̶.̶0̶0̶ 49% off List Price
2009 Geyser Peak Block Collection Merlot, J & J Fay Ranch, Alexander Valley
2010 Geyser Peak Block Collection Merlot, J & J Fay Ranch, Alexander Valley
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I don’t know how you all know when you are the first buyers but this might be a first for us as FIRSTERS.

When I told my SO that it’s Alexander Valley Merlot she said - BUY IT. And I mean BUY IT !!

So we did.

You are–scroll up to the very top of this page and the second line reads: first sucker…

No Connecticut?

Noticed the Geyser Peak 2007 Malbec based blend is up on ww Plus. Anybody opened one of those yet? As long as I’m on a Geyser Peak roll…

I’d have a nice little collection of Geyser Peak wines by now if it wasn’t for Ohio’s “buzzkill legislators”.

It’s a very minor matter to most people, but in the Quality Post listing in reference to Cesare’s post for this offer, I think “peeks” makes more sense than “peaks.”

in for 3+ of this merlot plus the 1997 ardente and 2007 Geyser Peak on Woot Plus. It’s a good day today…

You might be challenging Fred for most bottles of Ardente…

Not even close to challenging Fred… I really need to start drinking more which is a good problem!

I like the specs on this wine. Looks more like the old world style. I’m in.

But what if Cesare really is peaking out. I mean, do we know one way or another?

I sense the woot writing staff inserted a (bad) pun into their QP listing. This is from Geyser “Peak”, right?

Dag Nabbit! Logged in, and was interested in the Merlot offer. Saw references to the 97 Ardente and my mind went blank. Went to the plus page and promptly checked out before any sellout could occur. Didn’t even think about adding this deal so I didn’t have to pay double shipping! Stupid cart.

Too late to cancel order and start over?

Obviously, you don’t know Cesare very well. :wink:

Doh! Why didn’t I think of that?

? I contacted support so we shall see.