Geyser Peak Ascentia Cab Sauvignon (2)

Geyser Peak Ascentia Cabernet Sauvignon 2-Pack
$49.99 $91.00 45% off List Price
2008 Geyser Peak Ascentia Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley
2009 Geyser Peak Ascentia Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley
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Oh come on! Seriously? You’ve had time to recover from RPM. Talk to me.

What do you like about what you see? Not like?

Sorry, TT; I missed the last sale and am currently in a buying freeze. So I have no experience with the wine and unless I weaken later, I probably won’t be ordering.

But what I do like about it: if the QPR is even just decent, this is a great WW offering: a pair of good bottles, priced well, letting you try something without having to buy 3-6 of one kind…

Hmm, I’m actually kinda talking myself into one. Any rattage?

From the previous offer:

Winery rep.
2008 was an interesting vintage for vintners in Alexander Valley. The fires in Mendocino County carried smoke and ash to most of Northern Sonoma County (where Geyser Peak is) leaving a distinct smokiness to all AV reds from this year. Think grilled meats on a campfire and you’ve got the 2008 Ascentia.

2009 was a more typical vintage, beautiful fruit prevalent on palate. The Ascentia always tends to drink more Bordeaux-like as compared to other AV Cabs.

This is a winery-only offering, retails for $42.00 so a steal at this price. It’s definitely more of an elegant Cab (as compared to others in our line up) but certainly not restricted to Black Tie occasions. We’ve produced this wine for many years; it has consistently proven worthy of patience in the cellar.

I’m not really interested in this offer. If the vintages offered where a bit older like an 04’ and 05’ I might have jumped on it. As far as pricing is concerned, it’s $5 less this time around.

now we have to pay tax; that i can understand woot has no control over.

BUT $8.00 shipping! that’s amazon greed “taking over”. all i can say is, "Boo, hiss, booooooooooooooooo!!!

how about amazon prime free shipping!!!

i’d also like to add, WTF!!!

i said “what the …” and they changed it to, “wait! there’s homework!”

What The …!!!

I don’t understand the shipping complaints here.
Since I have been here it’s 5 bucks no matter what.
I got 2 cases of California Karma and they shipped for $8 ($3 dollars extra for summer shipping) to me thats a fantastic deal.
Go to a winery site and see what they charge to ship.
I agree the “deals” are not what they used to be, more and more are in the 40% “savings” range, add tax and shipping and your in the 30% savings range.
But the shipping is a great deal. IMHO
I DO miss the $5.00 credit on your “Birthday”

Oh BTW this is some really good juice.

As a vintner I get it. These offers are great deals and complimentary shipping comes right off our VERY thin profit margins. This is a great vintner and it’s a great deal even WITH the shipping.

I am confused. Why can’t Woot ship wine to Wisconsin? I get wine shipped to me from other companies…

I’m unsure as to why WI is not included.

I’ll ping Wine Staff and inquire

EDIT: per Wine Staff, we haven’t shipped to WI since SEP 2013.

If would like to find out further info, please check the following links:

Thanks Pedroncelli for the kind words. We strive hard to craft great wines, so it’s great to hear kudos from our vintner colleagues!

Are you really complaining about $8 shipping? In case you hadn’t noticed, it is HOT out. I think $8 to have your wine shipped in extra packaging to make sure it arrives uncooked, at your place, a small price to pay!! I pay more in shipping for things that don’t even come close to weighing as much as a few bottles of wine!! I personally am glad that summer shipping is offered at a reasonable price!

Yeah let’s hear more about this wine/winery and not the shipping.

One area where I think Woot has missed the boat is by not including offering from larger priducers at a promotional price point. Early days had wines from St Supery, Copolla, mondavi, and a few others. Problem is I’m not sure which of these wines I’ll find at retail or a restaurant on East Coast - meaning I’ll likely not find the wine again unless buying it discounted at woot. Find shipping at everywhere not named woot to be too cost prohibitive - or having to buy a whole case is generally a deal breaker for me.

IMHO, shipping costs from wine.woot are a great deal. We belong to quite a few wine clubs and they all charge a good deal more to ship their wines if you don’t pick them up in person.

Geyser Peak makes some excellent cab, to boot. If you’re a cabernet lover this is a no brainer.

As to the smoke taint issue, I can say that we recently had a 2008 Toulouse Pinot (totally different from this offer, I know) which was very smoky and the smoke added something to the wine. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. The pinot took on some bacon-esque qualities that one usually associates with syrah and was a fantastic pairing with grilled salmon.

I had some older Geyser Peak Cabs and they were really very fine. To me this is all about the 2009: I’m sure the 2008 was well made and all, but I’d happily pay a bit more to get only 2009. I’m just not feeling the love for the 2008 Cabs from that area.

Love the '09, but concerned with the '08.

We returned a club shipment of Goldeneye '08s because of the smoke taint.

Only an hour left, so I guess a “no go” unless someone raves about it.

We do love your Cab, though.