Geyser Peak Cabernet Sauvignon (2)

Geyser Peak Ascentia Cabernet Sauvignon 2-Pack
$54.99 $̶9̶2̶.̶0̶0̶ 40% off List Price
2008 Geyser Peak Ascentia Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley
2009 Geyser Peak Ascentia Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley
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All the prattle about New York in the description adds to the annoyance that the problem with shipping to New York still isn’t fixed.


Any insightful comments on 2008 and 2009 vintages for Alexander Valley? Or better yet, these specific wines?

Seems odd that both vintages were bottled on the same day, although the 2009 was apparently bottled twice. Maybe that explains why they both say to drink now through 2016.

The specs on these are interesting.
08’ has lower alc and higher acid whereas the 09’ has higher alc. and lower acid.

Was this variation naturally occurring and attributable to weather or was there some manipulation here?

Good catch. The bottling date listed on an earlier bullet (Bottling Date: August 2011) is the correct one.

Now that TT is back, maybe some light can be shed on what’s happening with shipments to NY.

hey everybody. this is a little off subject, but I don’t know how to get to a previous ‘block’ deal.

I purchased a case of the wellington mixed summer whites on Tuesday to be mailed as a thank you gift. could you please tell me how long it normally takes for the wineries to ship these things out? and will i for sure get a tracking number? I sent the case to her work address… so I need to be able to tell her when it is arriving. I also ordered a monitor for my gma the same day and it is being delivered today. so I am a little bit worried. I have never ordered from wine dot woot before.


I never left. Just don’t have any info. Sorry. :frowning:

It can take up to 3 weeks to ship. Summer shipping makes it more difficult to just pack and ship. You will get a tracking #.

Welcome. Most of our sales (except wine) ship in 2-5 business days unless otherwise noted on the sale page.

Wine shipments take a bit longer than shipments from our other sites. Allow at least 2-3 weeks.

The FAQ:

How long is shipment going to take?
You should get your wine in 2-3 weeks, often sooner. We know the wait is kind of a drag. But it’s still gonna taste good (maybe even better), and since we leave it to the wineries to get the wine to you, you can count on their experience to send their wine using their expert methodologies.

Long time lurker, don’t post much… I returned from a July trip to CA wine country and of the wineries we were able to visit, we were very impressed with Geyser Peak’s tasting. We were brought there by my wife’s love and my enjoyment of their XYZin offerings, but enjoyed everything they poured us that day (and that includes this Cab). Of course, this price makes my decision not to lug home a few bottles look downright prophetic. Thanks, Woot!

This is a Black Tie Wine, but, nobody is saying how great (or not so great) bargain this is. Any thoughts out there from anyone?

Should have read your post before I asked my question, huh?

do you remember what your price at the winery would have been?

$46/btl + tax (maybe) and shipping (maybe)

2008 was an interesting vintage for vintners in Alexander Valley. The fires in Mendocino County carried smoke and ash to most of Northern Sonoma County (where Geyser Peak is) leaving a distinct smokiness to all AV reds from this year. Think grilled meats on a campfire and you’ve got the 2008 Ascentia.

2009 was a more typical vintage, beautiful fruit prevalent on palate. The Ascentia always tends to drink more Bordeaux-like as compared to other AV Cabs.

This is a winery-only offering, retails for $42.00 so a steal at this price. It’s definitely more of an elegant Cab (as compared to others in our line up) but certainly not restricted to Black Tie occasions. We’ve produced this wine for many years; it has consistently proven worthy of patience in the cellar.