Geyser Peak Reserve Meritage 3.0L

Geyser Peak Reserve Alexandre Meritage, 3.0L
$159.99 $269.00 41% off List Price
2007 Reserve Alexandre Meritage, Alexander Valley 3-Liter
2009 Reserve Alexandre Meritage, Alexander Valley 3-Liter
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The 3-Liter you receive will either be a 2007 or a 2009. Which one you get will be randomly selected by the Winery

Large formats age slower/differently than 750ml bottles. They also do not fit in your cellar easily, if your cellar is a wine fridge. This just makes it more difficult to pick a select few to hog a shelf. Speaking of space, how tall is this bottle? The diameter would also help.

BallPark Figures: JEROBOAM
Jeroboam - 3 liters(100 oz.)
Equivalent to - 4 Bottles
18" Length - 5" Diameter (457 x 127 mm)

I had purchased an Atlas Peak 3 liter bottle and had it on it’s side and it started to leak after several months. So, I stood it upright, but this is not good, right? The cork drys out? So, I’m scared now to buy any more of these. I assume the pressure of that much wine was too much on the cork. Happy ending though, we opened it on Thxgvg and it was fine.

I wouldn’t let that deter you from buying this if you want one. My guess is you just had a bad seal for some reason on that bottle. I have purchased and stored many 3.0L bottles and larger over the years and stored them on their sides with no problems at all.

No question there are some great buys on Wine Woot. But caveat emptor is the rule of the day. I highly recommend checking an unbiased site for info on this or any other wine you are contemplating - especially if it’s an expensive purchase. A steep discount by itself is NEVER a good reason to buy. My go-to site is Cellar Tracker, FYI.

Cellar Tracker is a tool you can use, but not the end all be all, let’s be honest. Here are some other thoughts on the 2007 (of course you may get the 2009, I see this is a random choice by the winery):

94 points Wine Enthusiast
A great wine for drinking now, this is just beginning to show the evolution of its primary blackberry, blueberry and currant fruits. Hints of anise, dark chocolate, dried herb, spices and cedar add interest. This is a blend of the classic Bordeaux varieties, but the Cabernet Sauvignon component stands front and center with its firm tannins, depth and concentration. (4/ 2013)

91 points Stephen Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar
Deep ruby. Dark berry preserves, licorice and pipe tobacco on the highly perfumed nose. Chewy, palate-staining cassis and bitter cherry flavors are complemented by notes of vanilla and mocha, with a bitter chocolate note on the back half. Shows very good structure but no hardness. Chewy tannins give grip to the finish, which echoes the cherry and tobacco notes. (6/ 2013)

90 points Wine & Spirits
An old-school Alexander Valley red, this has begun to show some evolution in its flavors and the openness of its tannins. Scents of peppermint, black olive and fig meld in the middle, turning toward dried fruit and oak notes in the end. Ready for lamb. (6/ 2013)

Connoisseurs Guide
Taking on ripe-cherry fruit as its main theme but showing elements of bacon, milk chocolate and roasted herbs as well, this moderately full-bodied offering is at once showy and still has a sense of reserve that argues for a few more years of keeping. It is rounded and supple to start, and it firms just enough at the finish to confirm the need for a little more age. (4/ 2013)

Seems like a pretty significant OR in this sale. You get 2007, one of the best vintages of the decade…OR you get a 2009…That wouldn’t be worth a $160 gamble to me without at least knowing how much of each is available.


+2 and I’ve been buying up more large format this year for the cellar but not so sure I want to put down the 09

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Wait just a second here. At the risk of piling on for $160 I don’t get to pick which vintage I am going to receive? Can’t pull the trigger on this one as much as I might like to receive the 2007.

I’m feeling lucky so I’m going to give it a shot and order one. Maybe a little Christmas magic will come my way either here or with th eMega millions. :slight_smile:

At least your odds are better here! And you spent less than the guy in front of me yesterday who bought $600.00 in Mega Millions tickets. I spent a buck.

Thanks for the completely random and unnecessary PSA. And almost all of us here are at least familiar with CT. And almost all of is use it on a daily basis. But CT is really not, in and of itself, a great tool. It can be used as one assuming you know the tasters, their knowledge, and preferences.


Regardless of the long odds I am going to give it a go! Hope all that good karma rewards me!

09 a great deal, 07 a ridiculously great deal. IMO

+6 (or was it 5? I’ve lost track).