Geyser Peak Winery Red Wine (2)

Geyser Peak Winery Red Wine 2-Pack
$34.99 $̶6̶8̶.̶0̶0̶ 49% off List Price
2007 Geyser Peak Winery Red Wine

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HERE stands a cheap 2-pack for all you complainers out there. All that and WD managed to keep the price down AND score a great deal. BOW before WD… BOW!!!

OR at least buy!!!

You’re right, I think this is the cheapest 2-pack we’ve seen on woot. Kind of nuts, actually. Geyser Peak must have forgotten about this one and so we benefit. Well, those who aren’t sticking to their WBM’s of various sorts are, at least.

A Bordeaux’ish blend from a great AVA, great producer, and great vintage, all for only $35!

Barreled then blended or vice versa? This sure is tempting for a mid priced wine. Love the singular label instead of the front and back!

Not sure where in Bordeaux you’re finding much Malbec. Center Bank, maybe?

Moving on, anyone know why the logo is different on this label than on all other Geyser Peak bottles? If it was bottled in 2010, it was presumably labeled then as well, so it wouldn’t have been a change made by Accolade. Pondering out loud…

I’d be all over this if it shipped to Ohio. Still happy to see a reasonably priced 2-bottle deal, it has been awhile. Geyser Peak, no less. Well done!

Malbec is one of the five Bordeaux varietals. You’ll have to stick that “Center Bank” zinger back in your pocket for future use.

This looks like it’s worth a flyer! It will be quite ripe-ish - being Alexander Valley and 14.5%, but these are varietals you usually don’t see in these proportions in California. Get one for fun, two if you think it may be serious stuff.

I am currently supposed to be drinking more and buying less until I figure out a storage solution, but I could certainly clear out space for this before it arrives. This looks interesting.

Any chance we will see some tasting notes of a random bottle that may have fallen off a truck somewhere?

wow, I havent met a Geyser Peak wine I didn’t like and I was doing so well drinking down my cellar…in for two.

Don’t forget the rarely used Carmenere, making it six.

Note: Edited for early morning spicyness.

This was a find way back in the cellar (no lie). Never been released (hence the un-traditional label)but drinking really well. The Malbec is from AV and adds a nice fruit-forward component. Glad to hear the offering’s a good one!

I realize Malbec is an allowable varietal. But, though far from an expert, I’m not aware of any chateau that uses any meaningful amount of Bordeaux in their blend, much less the 83% used in the blend of this offering.

So, I guess I’m left with a general question for the community: can a blend in which Malbec is predominant over Cab and Merlot be considered a Bordeaux blend? If so, I apologize for the offense.

No offense. I think we all just thought it was funny. Any blend with the 5 BdX varietals is a BDX blend, I think. You’d probably having a hard time passing it off as a “right bank-styled” wine, though.

Last Wooter to Woot:

At 82.8% Malbec, couldn’t they have just called this a Malbec? (Not sure about the labeling rules.)

I am still on a SIWBM, but I feel like I have to break it to support the idea of lower-priced offers. A 2-pack under $40 is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been hoping to see.

Of course, there is a tradeoff in that $7 summer shipping feels like a bigger hit when the offer itself is only $35… turns a ~$17 bottle into a $21 bottle.

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I was offended.

In for a twofer.

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