GFM 3.2 MP Digital Video Camera

Sent you a PM – i’ve got a Nat Geo Dive Watch via bee oh cee, brand new, that I don’t want.


This one is new…the last one was refurbished…

GFM again? Is woot! their official sales partner, or what?

Not that I’m comparing the two, but megapixels are only as good as the optics in front of them…

A Nikkon D40 DSLR is only ~6 megapixels but it will outshine any 12+ megapixel point and shoot.

Not good in dark places. =(

Still it’s a good deal compared to being discounted at $40 everywhere else. i’m interested in the savings either way!
is something new that is listing all the deals of the days and weeks, and from sites all over the internet! I like the camel concept. It’s in development so I think it would be awesome to see Woot stuff listed. what do you think of it?

Well, comparing the 2 woots is the whole point, not comparing it with something totally different.

wanted to buy but was in lab ahh