GFM 3.2 MP Digital Video Camera

Aw, shucks.

still going!

yeah, here’s a video camera.

I love how the monkeys get everyone worked up in a frenzy…speaking of frenzy… have a look @ [100x100[/img]](

GFM: a trusted brand name in some parallel universe?

why do they never give the Basic Orange Cargos in the middle of the night and reward US–the greatest woot nerds of all?

Why, I ask?

Bought this product last wootoff, it is good for the price you pay. I haven’t used it much but I have noticed that in dark places, the picture is pretty fuzzy. Definately not the best video recorder but if you are using it for things that don’t need a great picture then it is fine for that purpose.

went fast

GFM 3.2 MP Digital Video Camera

* + $5 shipping

1 GFM DV-165 3.2MP Digital Video Camera