GFM 5MP Digital Video Camera

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GFM 5MP Digital Video Camera
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 GFM DV-175 5MP Digital Video Camera

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Is this thing even remotely of any sort of good quality? I’m interested, but not if it’s junk.

5MP? Somebody get this camera the hell away from me.

Supports 1GB SD card? Seriously nothing bigger?

Anyone ever use one of these?? Finally going on vacation this summer and want cheap but usable camera.

Sweet deal for all those with 20-400 vision.

Woohoo! I don’t want one, but shirt thing is gone!

Man this is going to sell out so fast.

2005 called and wants their camera back!

You are best off to get a decent point and shoot (Pentax or Nikon) and use the video mode.

Not a bad price for a video camera, how good of quality is it?

Never heard of the GFM brand.

Sells for $40 on

I have something similar that is almost exactly like this just different brand. It’s not that high quality of a camera but if your looking for something cheap that does an okay job then you will like this.

How many purchases do I have to make before my box color changes? I’m tired of being boring brown.

Bought this product last wootoff, it is good for the price you pay. I haven’t used it much but I have noticed that in dark places, the picture is pretty fuzzy. Definately not the best video recorder but if you are using it for things that don’t need a great picture then it is fine for that purpose.

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Umm, hi.

Ok. Sounds like good advice. Thanks!

> 24

Hover over the box. It shows you’ve made 10-24 purchases. Make 25 and you’ll change.