GFM 5MP Digital Video Camera

NEWSFLASH: This is a horrible product.

These are amazing! Go in for three now!

only supports 1gb flash cards?

Shh! Don’t ruin it! They’ll never sell!

This camera’s quality is about as good as my quality post record: 0

love those cameras that require a Pentium III or higher…do they even make Pentium III anymore?

Wow! Woot is flying through the products tonight! I was just looking at the notebook and I never saw it sold out before this popped up!

Psst… during the last Woot-Off these were $15.

We love ours! Got it in a previous Woot. Get one!

gf what need something good

I’m unimpressed. Only 1GB SD card support, very basic functionality, and it’s generic.

Thank god it’s compatible with Windows ME or this would never sell.

Fix the bar. Works over at kid.woot if you place your cursor over it…

Hehe. He’s right, though–they’re disappointing at best.

Noticing a pattern here… or is it just coincidence that so far there have been fewer than 10 items each time so far? A mystery! Or is it a plot to insure we keep paying attention… ?! (So far, it’s working… [smile!])

Probably just clearing out their binned items :stuck_out_tongue: