GHD 2-inch Professional Iron



Perfect for making grilled cheese sandwiches.


Uhm… Is this afternoon tea size sandwiches?


Haven’t found much online about this product but this seems like a great price compared to other sites.


yeah couldn’t find it on amazon at all. just other models.


I placed an order tonight. I accidentally sent the shipment to the wrong address. Does anyone know how to get this fixed? By the way I checked Amazon for reviews and they come in at over four out 5 stars out of 87 reviews.


click the support button ( right away with your name and order number and they may be able to fix this for you.


Honestly, there are better products out there for the price, especially for home use. I paid $20 for the 1-inch version of this:

When my mega-curly hair needs taming, it tames it. Yes, my hair stays prettier longer when a professional does it, but let’s be honest - if you’re spending an hour daily between the blow dry and the flat iron, as my stylist does, your priorities are a bit whacked. I can spend 2 minutes pre-drying my hair with a blow-dry, then finish it off with the wet-friendly flat iron.

I’m sure that this would be great for, well, someone… but not me.


do you have a link for the one you saw on amazon?


Guess it is meant for me to pass this on. Just yesterday saw a list of ideas to make life simpler, and it said these are supposed to be good for touching up wrinkled shirt collars. If you have steady hands no need to take off the shirt ,much less pull out the iron and board.


Ok. Did some investigating.

The GHD site lists onefor the “original price” as it does here. But it is* exactly the same* as the one on sale at Amazon with a different original price. There are different numbers flying around ( model numbers/ codes? ) But only one at the ghd site that fits these spects, so I say the same. maybe different “vintage” ?
But then I checked the UPC number of a new one being sold on ebay
and they are the same.

The one on Amz. is only $70.56. w/free ship. So it appears that buying from the mothership is quite a bit better deal this time.

It does get good ratings everywhere I have seen it reviewed. 4 stars at Amazon.

Was sold on woot off last Nov. for 89.99

It would be nice if the woot powers that be checked to see if there is any difference from the one on Amazon. I can’t see that there is. That’s quite a difference-- esp when you factor in free ship.

So if you really want one of these – get a better price and free ship go to Amazon !


yay, input voltage rating!


I bought a different model of GHD flat iron for the first after I fried my old one while having a “slight” converter/adapter mishap when I traveled to London. (I know, I know… Why bother doing your hair out there anyway since it’s just going to rain! The old was getting ready to kick the bucket anyway, I just received a blessing from above. I picked GHD because i had seen hair shops both in London and when I got back to TX advertise that they used GHD irons. I spent well over $200 for mine from Sephora, and I am 100% happy with every penny paid.

Assuming this one functions similarly, it only has an on/off switch and does not let you decide how hot to make it. I’ve heard some people complain about that but, trust me, it gets plenty hot. Mine heats up in like 10 seconds (it has a little beep when it’s ready) and stays hot the entire time I’m working with it. I have mostly straight hair a few stubborn waves that generally insist on hanging around, but the real test for me on this product is when I wash my hair before I go to bed and wake up with a mess of hippy hair. It takes me maybe 10 minutes to get it all straightened out. The best part is that my hair never feels or (more importantly) never smells burned.

I would totally love to buy this but mine is functioning just as great as the day I got mine and I don’t have enough hands to use 2 at the same time. GHD is a great, global brand and you truly get what you pay for (even with Woot prices, ha).


It’s morning for me here in Ca and the one on Amazon is listed at $98.37


Here’s the google listing that still has this am’s price on it:
* › … › Styling Tools › Irons › Flattening Irons
Rating: 4 - 22 reviews - $70.56 - In stock
The ghd professional 2inch salon styler *

I just checked and now Amazon has increased it up to 104.70.

Used to be if less at Amazon they’d make it a sweeter deal here. I guess now they just raise the price at Amazon so this one looks better. sigh

ETA: To be fair, this is still a very good deal. Can’t find anything close to it…

…well not now. :wink:

size wrong for my short hair though or I’d be in for one.