Ghost Signs Central Coast Petite Sirah (6)

Ghost Signs Central Coast Petite Sirah 6-Pack
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2011 Ghost Signs Petite Sirah, Central Coast
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2011 Ghost Signs Petite Sirah

A bottle appeared out of nowhere and scared the daylights out of me! I chose fight over flight and confronted the demon head on. I wrestled the cork from its neck, effectively disarming the spirit and forcing it to submit to my will.

I poured its contents into a glass and drank of it, in an attempt to harness its dark energy. The color was a deep blood red. It smelled of black fruits and toasty oak.

On the tongue, its juice was thick but flowed freely and tasted of black cherry, blackberry, plum and currant. There were also hints of vanilla, toast and spice. The taste lingered for several moments before slowly evaporating into thin air.

This haunting encounter was a bit spooky at first but left me in an ethereal state…

I thought we generally had a glass or two of these bottles for some well thought out tasting notes. But (the formerly international) chip may have consumed the whole bottle prior to writing these inspired notes. :wink:

Like the ghost writer before me, this wine appeared seemingly out of nowhere. I checked the calendar and it was not Halloween, but Labor Day. Perhaps the spirits were hoping that the buyers today would be thinking about serving this next month.

On PnP, the wine is deep purple and dark ruby around the rim. The aroma is soft and not particularly pronounced, but perhaps there is a little vanilla and cherry. At 14.8%, it is not emitting strong alcohol vapors. After a swirl or two, the legs are thick and fall slowly down the edge of the glass. The palate picks up dark cherry and plum. The initial tannins are dry yet very smooth. There is no acid-like, or biting, finish. SWMBO voices her pleasure for this immediately. I tell her the price and she is amazed that something this tasty could be so reasonably priced. We decide to let it sit for an hour…

…FF to one hour later and this wine has changed. The aromas are still soft. Now the palate also picks up a little dark chocolate, the dryness and flavor of black tea and some toasted almond. The tannins have softened. This is a wine that can be enjoyed PnP or left to sit and morph. Like all PS that we open, we will revisit this throughout the day. In all, this is certainly a wine that can be served to drinkers of various taste preferences, either PnP or after decanting. The price is a very good QPR. This is a no-risk purchase, buy up.

Great notes, gents. I may be interested at the low tariff. . .

I would love a chance at this “no risk” wine, but alas the New England Conundrum - no shipping. Can the winery help us by offering a similar to woot deal for those of us living in a no ship state? Please. PS is my favorite.


??? Six pack

I’d be interested in helping on a split, if not too late.

I’m passing. I’m poor.

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Thanks and back to the wineing.