Ghost Signs Central Coast Petite Sirah (6)

Ghost Signs Central Coast Petite Sirah 6-Pack
Sold by: Sextant Wines (RBZ Vineyards)
$59.99 $151.00 60% off List Price
2011 Ghost Signs Petite Sirah, Central Coast

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Anyone interested in a split?

Solid wine for $10/bottle. Drank this side by side with 2011 Ghost Signs Zinfandel this past Halloween and it wasn’t even close, the PS blew away the Zin. I just might have to pull the trigger…
EDIT Last wooter to woot: chipgreen

Where? Did someone see a ghost?

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Kyle and I never put a split together last time, so I’ll take three off your hands this time.
Assuming I make it up, or you down for the actual exchange.
Even $10 less this time around too.

Fine. It’s not like I don’t have enough of your wine stored! :wink:

Any thoughts on how well this will hold up? CT suggests this is drink now.

I recently received this email response from a producer that just shipped, to Klez, some holdings I had there:
Thank god for compulsive wine buyers; storage space be damned!
Great community here, like nowhere else.

PS at $10 a bottle and a pulsing button? YES! Mmm me likes the PS.

Wow, the ever rare Saturday sellout!


This came today (after a bit of a vacation hold with FedEx). A very dense wine (the kind I like). Amazingly, it still has the style of a pretty young wine. I’ll put a bottle or two away for a while. But it’s good drinking right now, if you like a very full bodied red. Not a great wine, but very drinkable. And that’s the most important thing.