Ghost Story

Last one, eh?

Who’s got a good campfire goodnight story? The bar isn’t moving, so I have a feeling that this is it …

On the flipside, if these sales won’t count towards the reckoning, then I also have a feeling that @spiritgreen’s record will be cut shorter. :frowning:

I was hoping Random Stickers would come up again since I missed it… again… :frowning:

BOO! probably echoing Also, Pac Man craving.

Someone PLEASE bite the $12 bullet. There’s free shipping…!

I missed it too @jon98gn. I was sleeping. I’m hoping to find them for sale in a side sale soon like last time.

Do they have like 10,000 and only sold 10 or something. That 100% stock left seems too high to be true

The last wooter to woot has been changing so the shirt is selling. They are apparently not putting anything else up and so are leaving this until wootoff over.