Ghost Story

So the ghost was chased by Fozzie Bear?

this is great

Roasting dots?

Ah, back in the days when a video game cost a quarter to play & a strategy guide & cheat codes weren’t necessary. Waka Waka!

No, Fozzie spells it with an O, Wokka Wokka!
Why do I know this?!

Why aren’t these cat ghosts?


My 4 yr old daughter and 6 yr old son love Pac-Man. They got all 4 Pac-Man K’nex sets for Christmas and have been playing with them non stop. I had to force my daughter to put the ghosts on her nightstand this evening, so they wouldn’t get lost in her bed covers. How could I deny them this shirt? Just…HOW?

This is drivin’ me crazy.
I’m goin’ outta my mind.

I wonder if I have some kind of fever?

This shirt will complement my dead pac-man t-shirt that I got from Comic-Con SD a few years back!


nice work, congrats!

Excellent work as always, spiritgreen! Just look at those tasty gradients!

And after that terrible sound was gone all they found left of Pinky were… his eyeballs!

Great to see this print today. Thanks guys! And many thanks to Woot for printing my designs throughout the year, you crazy people you.


Ahhh, brings back memories of Pac-Man, ghost stories, AND roasting marshmallows! Made me giggle. Congrats on another great design, spiritgreen.

ANNND…my husband made me come back and order one for him, too. I see one of those crazy family pictures in the making.

Ha! My first thought at seeing this was “WHERE’S PINKY!?!?”

Awesome man- great design on one of my all-time favorites (well- Mrs. Pacman but I don’t like her character as much)

Another Spiritgreen scene to make me smile.

HEHE!! Inky is all “Fired Up”

Most excellent! The “waka waka” is even shaped like Pac-Man. The only way it could be more fun is if it glowed in the dark.