Ghostbusters R/C Helicopters

No Winston? Really? WOOT, you do realize you’re inviting an army of protesters to bang down your front door, right?

$29 for an infra red floater “on sale?”

This is a terrible deal when you can get RF mini quads for less at regular price. These need to be $14.99, $19.99 tops.

Speaking of, there is an RF mini-quad for sale for $19.99 on Sellout today!

6 inch rotor wingspan? For $30? Seriously Woot? Where’s the deals? I’ll give you $14.99 for a Slimer. Now THAT would be a deal on Woot… This offering is much like so many I’ve seen here lately, Over-Priced. Sorry.

Only $25 from World Tech Toys on Amazon

Edit: Well a day later the issue has been solved and Amazon no longer has a lower price. A shame it was solved by HobbyTron and World Tech Toys both raising their prices on amazon to $40