ghostGear Dual Wireless PS4 Controller Charger

I can’t find anything on the web about this. Anyone own one and have a comment to share?

I found something

I bought one from the mothership about a month ago. I bought a second PS4 controller at the same time. Works as advertised. Standard USB to USB mini connection. This mentions a wall charger. I honestly don’t recall that. I just plugged it into the front of the PS4. Not saying its not there, I just don’t recall. Quality seems good so far. Although I have no children using it daily. So wear and tear is minimal. It could be a little heavier in my opinion. It takes two hands to load or unload the controllers with no sliding. But that’s just a personal request. Nothing against the hardware. All in all its a good buy for the price. But again, if you have children or pets, it could be a whole different story.