*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Help promote this shirt! For those with overnight delivery, let the rest of the universe.woot know how wonderful this on an actual shirt! Click here and post a picture!

halloween is here! lol Grats on another print, Andrew


Only buying cause of the glow in the dark ink.

this shirt is amazing.
can only wear it once a year though…

cute, but i can’t wear orange. plus my lightning bugs shirt was supposed to glow and doesn’t :frowning:

boof, got it.

in for one!

Eeee! This is fantastic. I love the glowing ink!

missed it by thaaaat much.

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Congrats on the print Andrew!

I think this should make Jake very happy. It’s a halloween shirt, on orange, and it even has glow ink.

Looking forward to seeing some glowing photos of this. I heard that the last time woot printed with glow ink it didn’t glow very well - hopefully it’ll be better this time.

Hey I got my wish! Alright! In for one, and I’ll probably be in for EVERY single one as well. :slight_smile:

Yay. Not only did I get a a Halloween shirt, its orange, too!

already got one =]

Awesomeness!!! Has woot ever used glow-in-the-dark ink before?

Glow in the dark shitstorm begin… now!

glow in the dark!?!? woo hooo!!!

love it. looks more red than orange on my monitor though.

LOL, is it sad that my first thought on seeing the shirt was, “Oh, I bet Jakey will like that!” My maternal concern for him is kind of freaking me out. :slight_smile:

Hooray for Halloween!

In for one… even if I’m going to be wearning this once a year!