Ghosts' Stories

Poor ghost is so scared he’s white as a sheet. :tongue:

He’s baa-aack. :^) So good to see a new Naolito t-shirt on Woot, it must have been years!

…There’ll be scary ghost stories
And tales of the glories of
camping trips not long ago…

(btw the write up made me lol) :slight_smile:

I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

MODS: Link to derby goes to the wrong (previous, racing) derby.

Also acceptable as an alternate to the ghost trap: Pac-Man.

Thanks! I’ll let them know!

i love these little ghosts but cannot figure out what he is talking about. Is that a trap?

Yep. It’s a depiction of a Muon (Ghost) Trap as seen in Ghostbusters.

thank you thank you! i thought that’s what it might have been.