Gianni Milan Men's Slim Fit 2-Piece Suit

I need 44/34, which seems to not be available.

i need a 42/34. Also MIA. I’m wondering If I can tailor a 36 into a 33/34 pant

I need 42/32… S.O.L I guess…

“Drop 6” is pretty normal for off-the-rack suits. That is, the waist is 6" less than the coat size.

If you need a smaller size pant, you can ask the tailor to take them in while they are hemming the pants.

Agreed, this is normal sizing. Suits are not designed to be worn off-the-rack, but need to be tailored for best fit.

I think the rule of thumb is to buy based on shoulder/chest, and length. Everything else will be tailored to fit.

EDIT: I just looked at the description to verify, and indeed pants come unhemmed meaning it was indeed designed to require tailoring before wearing, which again is normal for suits.

Tell any police detectives you know about this offering. They live on restricted budgets, pay for their own professional wardrobes and throw away suits unexpectedly after stains and smells the rest of us prefer not to imagine. They go through a lot of cheap J.C.Penney suits…

Real suits for real grown-ups are made of real wool, not some cheap-o polyester. Please, I’m begging you, don’t buy this. If you do, please don’t ever wear it in public. The horror, the horror…