Giant 53" Luxury Plush Extra Large Teddy

I got my son this bear from Coscto in December for Christmas for $35. The $225 price here is laughable.

He wanted the 93" one that Coscto sells for $200+ but I couldn’t justify spending that much money.

He loves the 53" one just fine. So give it another 9 months and save $190…

edited: I see the price was reduced here, and cheaper than Amazon, but Costco will be the real deal, unless you can’t wait

I was going to mention the Costco bear as well. I paid 29.98 for the one I bought my fiance.

same bear… for the price you can get a membership and the bear, plus a hot dog and a drink… plus have the benefits of the membership for a year.

FYI, here it is on Amazon.