Giant 8 Foot All Weather Umbrella Canopy

Does this also come with stakes and tie down cords?

Hi there. It has the center stake and tie down points but the stakes for those are not included.

How long is it when folded up?

It’s 4’2".

How much does this weigh? Or is it so light and fluffy the weight is immaterial?

I have one similar, but bigger. I’d say this one is probably under 10 pounds.

I accept the “dumb question” award but I gotta ask…

Can this be used as an umbrella only? Is it strong enough for that or must it be laid down as in the pics as a shelter?

As large as it is, I fear you’d be wobbling trying to keep it upright and possibly be carried away like Mary Poppins at the slightest gust of wind.

Per the vendor:

6 lbs 4 oz

Check these stakes out, the ones i use with it, work great on the beach

I’ve seen people use these on the beach with little success. They always get blown away…

Is a matching mosquito net available?

Not from us. Sorry.

Well, wish I researched this on other sites. Saw a plenty of reviews saying it was missing the second main pole/stake. It did come with a small pack of stakes (although it says it doesn’t) for the umbrella part but was missing the second large stake that fits in the center, main pole. That extra 10" of the stake like the photo shows would greatly help. Will be returning. Also, came in box with no directions, looking like it was already previously open. 1st actual purchase off woot that I was disappointed with. :frowning: