Giant Microbes Plush Bundles

This is way too creepy.

I don’t see it here, probably because they are so hard to find, but I recently got Ebola. :wink:

I want them all. ALL OF THEM. But I can’t. Where’s the sad bug?

Not sure if human beings and bed bugs count as microbes…

I wanted to give Ebola to my friends for Christmas! (will this get me on the NSA list?)

As a high school biology teacher, Woot should send me a complete set for free…in the name of education.

Will you settle for Hay Fever?

That one is pretty sad/cute.

Woot cancelled my Wash Your Hands set that I got with two others and thus have foiled my Christmas plans, debating on if it’s really worth it to pay $10/plush + shipping to buy from somewhere else or wait for a woot off and cross my fingers…or if anyone can find em cheaper/similar deal that woot offered for em?