Giant Wooden Yard Dice Outdoor Lawn Game

Is that 3.5 inches or 3.5 feet?

Sorry for the confusion. We updated the sale to be more clear.

The pictures should include a banana for scale.

should i roll the dice on these?

How is 3.5 inches “giant” for a lawn? If it was suitable for lawn use, something 3" might easily get lost. 6 inches would be better categorized as something for lawn use. Did a guy measure these and that’s why 3.5 inches is “giant”? If you look at the picture of the dice in the bag, compare the dice to the zipper and it looks like the dice are actually like around 12" each.

Are these really 3.5 inches?

they appear the same as amazon’s
#B0711SZSMM (

but there are no pictures for scale there either…

Do you have these inhouse? are you able to confirm if they are “Giant” or 3.5 inches?


The Amazon offer you linked to has a photo which shows that the dice are 3.5 inches.