GIANTmicrobes: Tiny Bodies, Big Love

Because… nothing says Valentines like "hey honey… have some syphilis and herpes… who thought this was a good idea?

I got a full set of microbes when my nephew was a baby about 10 years back. his parents are both geneticists and LOVED them and turned them into a mobile and gave him ebola to cuddle while changing diapers.

I gave my sister, an epidemiologist, the microbe Christmas ornament pack. sent her this link for her husband for Valentine’s day.

The audience may be niche, but they love them!

i received the kidney as a gift from a good friend when I lost my kidney to cancer. they’re really cute !

Haha… cool. My GF is a med tech. She stares at these things all day. I think she’d appreciate these on Valentines… she’d probably be the envy of the lab! :slight_smile:

Ordered these Feb. 1 as a “gift”…soo cute!

However, FedEx says the package can be delivered due to being damaged!!!

UGH, WOOT! This is yet another untimely issue when I try to order gifts from you that makes me look like a bad gift giver!

Please fix this!!!