I’d prefer if this shirt didn’t send a mixed message.

I prefer gif as in Gift. All well and good. Why then go and promoted the other pronunciation with gif as in Jif like the peanut butter on the back?

EDIT - Oh, they are 2 different shirts! My bad.

All you “GIFt” people… How do you pronounce giraffe?

I can hear you now… “grrrr” “grrrr”

Yeah, neither of these shirts have appeal to me. Someone buy them so we can move on.

Team G-as-in-Gift all the way!

Also eeeeeeeeeeeh awesome! My husband may murder me for buying yet another Woot tee and I so don’t care!

How do you pronounce graphical? I certainly don’t say “jraphical”. Maybe that’s where you’re confused with giraffe…

Team GIFt all the way.