Gifts for Her

Come on Woot! “Gifts for her” = inexpensive jewelry while “gifts for him” = $450 satchel and $1,000 pens! Come on - throw in some designer handbags for the gals, will you?

I’m not seeing any specs for the “special bags”–size, material?

“Novelty pockets” on the Anne Klein coat? Seriously? The ‘pockets are for style, not function’ crowd really grinds my gears.

more detail on “special bags” ?!

What fortune cookie and philophelia said. Details? Specs? Pics of the bag open?

I got one of the Karma suede bags last time they were offered and I can attest to the fact the pictures do not do them justice. These are BEAUTIFUL bags. Well made and roomy. Would work as either a shoulder bag or a cross body bag. Thinking of getting another for DIL…

What is the size of the “envelope” bags please…

Well, seems like I’m not the only one begging for info.

I really need a bronze bag, but even at $12, I’m not going to buy it unless I know the size and material.

C’mon Woot! Pay attention! Please add information on these “special bags” or price them at $3.99 so we know how special these bags really are!

Does anyone know what the retro frame is made of? Description is lacking detail as well… looks like a glossy black plastic? Please let me know if you have any insight, thanks!

Come on Woot…5 or 6 requests for specs on the Special “envelope” bags.

Woot. Please more info on the small bags. T-0866-BRO - Material, Size, Interior Shot?

Workin’ on it (our buyers are in contact wiht the vendor), so sorry!

Any updates on this? Need to know if this would be good for my wifey.

Harassing again! Hopefully soon.

The AK Anne Klein Women’s Jaclyn Pea Coat can be purchased on for $101.25 with free shipping (2day with prime as well).

I purchased one yesterday for the girlfriend, arrived today and she really likes it.

Thanks, but it’s sold out now.

It says the vanity has a fold-up mirror, but there’s no pictures. Is there any way to get a picture or an idea of what’s up with the mirror? Thanks!

Found some pictures here.

Note: Woot! is also selling the exact same apron (the S1023 Odette Halter Apron) for $2 less on the Home! site (, which is pretty ridiculous, and annoying since I already bought two from this side for the higher price.