Gifts for Him

Really Woot?! A bidet as a Christmas present? Imagine Christmas morning, the anticipation, the tearing of gift wrap, the realization of what you’re holding in your hands. The sudden burst of laughter from relatives. At least you didn’t put it under gifts for her. On second thought, gifts for him is perfect.

Who is this stuff for? $1000 for a pen? Seriously?

You know, that’s just cheap enough to make a pretty good gag gift. Yes, my family does that kind of stuff. I think my brother might be opening a bidet this year.

I purchased the foot toilet flusher (the one that’s shaped like a foot) for one of my dad’s Christmas presents two years ago. He still uses it today, and when someone new comes to the house, he makes a point to show them the foot flusher. I’m almost positive it’s the only time I’ve ever hit the mark with his present.

Gonna try the motorcycle backpack as a go bag…

I just bought an RC helicopter on Amazon last night!

After some research, the Syma S107/S107G were the most popular inexpensive and durable helicopter. This Woot doesn’t look to be the Syma brand, but is banking on the popularity of that model number.

The Syma on Amazon is about $20 shipped (with Prime or free shipping on $35+).

I’m fairly sure that it’s Return of the Jedi, not Revenge of same.

Srsly… What the heck is Revenge of the Jedi?

If I remember correctly, they screwed the poster up and just went with it.

It was originally supposed to be titled “Revenge,” but Lucas decided that wasn’t very Jedi. This is a reproduction of a poster that was released before they made the change. I mean, I assume this is a reproduction, haha.

Correct - the film was originally revenge. The original poster is probably EXTREMELY valuable. I doubt this could be an original.

I want to know who would pay full price of $3000+ for a pen. That pen better do some really special things.

Awww, now I want the foot flusher!

These 52" belts aren’t going to fit very many Wooters. That’s a little on the large size, Woot!

Def. repro - the originals go for at least $1K, usually closer to $2K. Also, about the poster, take a close look at the lightsaber colors of Luke and Darth. They’re switched. Darth’s is red, and Luke’s is blue in the movies, but in this poster, they’re backwards. That’s the screw-up, the title was merely a last minute change of heart.

Just think of it as getting plenty of belt for your buck(s…ssssssssss…lots of bucks…so many bucks)

Woot,you know people have phones other than that Apple crap. Maybe you could have done covers for the s4? It’s kind of a popular phone you know.

No, they don’t go for nearly that much. They’re really not that rare.

Hey Woot, I bought the woven roatan rainbow hammock back probably in October and never received it. I’ve written customer service Twice now and haven’t seen a response. What gives??