Gifts For The Family

Vizio Sound Bar BARF!

Costco has it new for $5 more.

I’ve been looking for a quality poker set as a gift so I was about to buy the fat cat set here. Decided last minute to price compare as WOOT prices are no longer guaranteed the best like years past, boy am I glad I did.

Target $30 -|10051964&CPNG=Toys&kpid=10051964&LID=PA&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=10051964&gclid=CIrN4Pmel7sCFct9Ogodw1wAgQ

Sear $36 -

Walmart $48 -

All have shipping promos possible. Really WOOT?

Not disputing the potential of it being found elsewhere or woot not having the primo pricing, but all 3 of the ones you linked to are 11.5 gm, while the WOOT one is 13.5 gm – better quality. Just FWIW.

NewEgg has this for $92 shipped. Same refurb.

Woot employees must have taken one too many dips in the Money Bin

to recommend a $1,000 foosball table, a $600 cross-trainer, a $330 projector, etc. as gifts for the family. Maybe your families summer on Martha’s Vineyard and sip wine with Muffie by the tennis court, but here in average-person land I can’t imagine dropping that kind of money on a holiday gift!

FWIW Many of the previously mentioned retailers have the same set 13.5 gm for the same price as this with free shipping…FWIW

There are more things in heaven and earth, Bozanimal,
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(Hamlet by the way)

Pretty strange that the Triumph 18 and Triumph 25 tables are the same price. Why would anybody want the 18, if they can get the 25 for the same price or even close to the same price. The 25 has a 1" top which any avid TT player would insist on. The 18 only has an 18mm top.

Quality foosball tables can be had for 400$ solid wood.

I have been searching high and low for a quality sound bar, I have went to all the electronics store and tested every display out, and this is what I found:

The samsung sound by is BY FAR the worst sounding one I came across in almost every store. Save the money, spend 40-50 more and get a sony or polk which I thought sounded a lot nicer. The samsung sounded like a cell phone playing music.

none of those are even close to the product being sold. If you are going to complain about something being found cheaper elsewhere atlease link the same/similar grade of product.

Not so good reviews with the Spaulding Basketball backboard and hoop at Amazon. Plus, same price (also sold by Woot) but for those with Amazon Prime, you get it in two days with free shipping.

Correction, no Prime option at Amazon.

Alarm system perfect for houses with one window and one door.

Wow. Waited 12 days for the satellite to ship, then BOOM – order cancelled. Just like that. No email, no notice, no nothing. It was my 500th woot order. Must be a special prize.

Same here, got an email from woot stating that my order was cancelled at my request. I did not request the cancellation. Sent an email to woot to explain, will update on status.

I got that email too. It got filtered out of my inbox, so didn’t see it. Just the same, I did NOT request to cancel my order.

Sorry about that. I pointed out that we should change the verbiage on that, since you didn’t request your order to be cancelled. Check your email again, CS informed me that you should’ve been sent a coupon code as well. Lemme know!

I got the second email from woot but I would like to know why my order was not filled. Not happy that I only got $5 coupon code for my troubles of trying to find another sat dish at this price!!!