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Let’s hear some reviews! Tell me about that music keyboard - sure it looks like a gimmick, but is it a fun gimmick for the price?


I own the Steelseries keyboard. Not the MOH version, mine just has the standard keyset. Generally anything from Steelseries is amazing quality, and this is a good price for this keyboard since I paid more for mine from Amazon. I have been addicted to steelseries ever since I got my first pair of headphones by them via woot. I now own their mouse, mousepad, keyboard, and 3 sets of headphones that all get used. I am still using the very first pair of headphones I got, in fact they are sitting in front of me right now at my work desk. Still working like a dream.

The keyboard itself took some getting used to since I was used to the laptop style scissor keys before this. This has more traditional full size keys and switches. It is not mechanical, but their site advertises a special type of rubber or something (can’t remember, their site is easy to navigate though, just go check yourself) to give it a longer lifespan than other non-mechanical keyboards. I use it for gaming and it has been very good and a slight improvement over my old keyboard.

USB and audio/mic passthrough is also a very convenient feature.


Anybody got any experience with that there weather station?


I bought the wallet earlier in the week and just got it. Very stiff. Lots of card slots and a neat way of keeping cards in the middle (that’s the RFID protected part) but cash doesn’t keep well in it… Or at all, really. Also the ID slot is really tight and stiff so it’s a pain to get your ID in and out.


Why are these headphones $5 more here in than where listed under Same photo and model number, even!!

DR-ZX701IP $59.00

DR-ZX701IP $54.00


We’ll look into this, thanks.

Update: Turns out this means we can lower the price on the $59 headphones. Buy extras for presents with some of the money you’re saving! (And if you have purchased, should hook you up with a refund automagically but it never hurts to give them a ping to let them know.)


That really sux when you have a buzz & you’re trying to show the officer your ID…


I got the keyboard. I was worried because of the reviews I saw but it’s working out for me. I have some other keyboard app for my iPad (a Korg app) and it does work with that app. I think some of the reviews I read said it only works with the piano apprentice app so that’s not true. I play some keyboard for my band and I like using this little keyboard plugged into my ipad plugged into a PA.