Gifts Under $100

Uh… can the Slackline Kit be used as a zipline kit?? I don’t really want to balance or anything - just fly along underneath it. I don’t mind hitting the tree at the other end to stop!

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “I want the comfort and adjustability of a good office chair, yet the aesthetics of a Storm Trooper,” look no further

Anyone have Top tube size on the horrifically green bike? I’m 6’1" and 230 and “Men’s” isn’t specific enough

We specify:
Dimensions: 70" L x 25" W x 45" H
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

Is that enough info or do you still need something else?

The seat tube length is one of the most important measurements out there. For a 6’0" person, it should be around 58cm/23in.

EDIT: Whenever the tube length does get posted, here’s a calculator to see if the bike will fit you:

it’s kind of like ordering a shirt and not specifying the size. I need a 58-62cm in order for me to be comfortable on the bike, someone shorter would need a smaller one. I know it’s ridiculous because its $80, but I don’t want to be stuck with a bike that’s too small haha.

the fixie bike is $10 more from Walmart with free shipping. Or you can go down and try it out for size yourself, if you can tolerate being in a crowd of Walmart shoppers. Stretch polyester on morbidly obese women makes me nauseated rather quickly.

My Dad has been looking at the Geigerrig G1 1600 Hydration Pack on Amazon

Does anyone have input on how either of the packs on Woot! compare? One definite concern of mine is storage space. Thanks!

Didn’t this page have the High Sierra 45L packs on them yesterday? I don’t see them listed as sold out and want to buy one.

That’s what I shall do! Thanks.

The Dale Tiffany lamp I received was poorly soldered, and not made of glass as described. Will be my last purchase from woot if they continue to stonewall the return.