Gifts Under $100

Shouldn’t this read “pretty much anything we sell under $100?” It seems more like a random grab bag than a curated gift list, no? :wink:

You say “tomato”; we say “Buy our crap, please.”

Anyone know if the Graber Mid Mag Bicycle Trainer will accommodate a 29" wheel? I tried looking on other sites for the info, but no mention as to the wheel size limits.

A majority of reviews for the Pure Fitness Fan Bike are not very good which makes me sad. :frowning:

Is this a good bluetooth speaker? Im either getting this or the TDK A33. Please help. Looking for a small bluetooth speaker with good bass and sound.


Anyone have experience with the Boyt hard case? I was actually looking at a whole bunch of other Boyt cases over at but maybe this hard case would be good.

Just got mine last Friday I am very impressed. The bass, and sound quality is very impressive. Had a some trouble in the beginning with getting the bluetooth all connected, but once it is it is flawless.

I am actually surprised it is isn’t sold out yet since it comes new and is typically $199.00

Ordered the foldable cart. The top of the cart was split in half. Tried to contact Woot four or five times to return. I still have not heard back yet.

Sorry for the trouble. I’ve forwarded your info along; you should get a response soon.