Gifts Under $25

the nfl and ncaa glassware… can we not select our team? no way im gonna spend money on a random selection.

Sure…as long as you team is named Saints

as a saints fan I don’t mind this

Can we get a judge’s ruling on this? Would, in theory, be ready to by some for my Cheesehead father.

The Mr Beams MB302 Mini Spotlight White-2 Pack is cheaper on Amazon right now because they have a $5 off coupon and with free shipping I paid less than here.

Pretty sure I know the answer, but can anyone confirm that the “Kitsch’n Glam S303-GREEN Single-sided Mademoiselle Halt” is an apron, and not a dress? (Because…what a cute dress! But not so much if my assets will be on display for all to see…)

Can’t say for sure, but “single sided” indicates it’s an apron. And the play on the name (Kitsch’n = Kitchen). The part that’s throwing me off is, “*Overly dramatic red waist sash”. Is it green, or is it red?

It’s an apron.

Thanks, both. I figured as much, but thought, hey, maybe ‘single sided’ refers to something about the print not wrapping all the way around…which I guess is accurate.

No problem. I asked them to tweak the title. And fix the color problem in the features.

I just sent an email to the support people about this but I wanted to know if anyone else was having this problem. I ordered the Striker Magnetic Light Mine, 5 Pack. So far two of the five have been defective. One has not been opened yet. One will light but not stay on and other would not even light. We opened it to see what the problem was and the batteries were corroded. I’m hoping that Woot will either replace the defective ones or refund my money. The ones that work are cool! Thanks for listening.

I gave these as a gift. We turned one one, stuck it to the fridge then turned it off. As we were showing it to a friend, the light would not turn on. Haven’t tried the others yet and will do so later. Please let me know what if they get in touch with you.