Gigastone Media Streamer Plus

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Gigastone Media Streamer Plus
Price: $19.99
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Condition: New


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8:45CT/9:45ET and no comments yet? Anybody have experience with these? Or is everyone just sleeping in?

It looks like a decent price just as a mobile charger, unless there’s a problem with it - but you know what they say about being a jack of all trades…

I am still baffled into silence by the product write up. It’s like something a middle school kid might do to pad up the word count with all the redundant and reused material.

OK, if I’m teaching a class at a library, can I put “handouts” on an SD card, put it in this thing and then have students log in and get them?

What do I need to get this thing to connect to the library wifi?

The writeup is all over the place and very bad. So are the specs:

“In the box:
Dane-Elec Gigastone Media Streamer Plus
USB Cable
microSD Adapter
Gigastone Media Streamer Plus”

It’s in the box twice?

Pretty Polly in the picture is hot stuff ─ makes me want to buy 3 (won’t she be impressed).

@radiojohn: I fixed “in the box”

Clearly, I am beyond baffled by the barrage of overwhelming bs in the write ups…can I stream the pics on my phone to my smart tv or not?!?

There are various good devices that do what this one is supposed to do.

This particular device is not one of them.

Nose around on amazon, expect to pay $30-$40 for a good version of a different brand.

Without commas, the copywriter here is telling me to redirect infant urine. I’m not going to ask where.

I was very interested in this device until I saw the Samsung battery in the specs.

Thanks! Felt like that while wading thru the steaming pile of hyperbole! Now, I feel even dumber for the experience Woot!!

Whats wrong with that?

Streaming plus incendiary device?

Will it stream content, capture tv shows AND destroy my enemies?

What is it this device is “supposed to do” that it doesn’t? Have you used it? A “good version of a different brand” is very helpful - thanks.

I hope you are being sarcastic.

According to the terse manual, there are apps for iOS and Android (search for “smart box a4”):

I have a similar device from a different brand; RAVpower RP-WD03. Mine has 1 SD slot and USB charge/data slot. If this one has the same capabilities, then it is great deal. website:
PCMag Review:,2817,2430213,00.asp
Note: I’m not certain these are the identical model, tho they seem to have same ports and specs.

It will stream content and save TV shows you capture with other software onto memory cards purchased separately, but it will only destroy your enemies’ wifi devices battery charge while keeping them entertained with streaming videos.

Toigh to have writers/editors red you stuff!

BTW, the Illum is great fun to use…glad you had one left!