Gigastone Media Streamer Plus

Gigastone Media Streamer Plus

Order one unit and was DOA when arrived. Want to order anther but looks like others have had the same issue. Beware!

WARNING: While the idea of this device and it’s feature set are neat and potentially useful, these units arrive out of the box with some very serious and trivial-to-exploit security vulnerabilities, that it appears the manufacturer has no intention of fixing.

I didn’t even have to do my planned research, as, after mine arrived, I discovered this article.
I independently validated that researcher’s discoveries with one of my units.

For the less technical folks, I’d encourage you to ONLY use it in an isolated mode, and not connected to any wired or wireless network you have, unless you know exactly what you are doing, and don’t mind potentially modifying the software on the thing.

Even if you want to simply use it to hold some music and stream via Wi-Fi to your other devices. You might consider putting a new-and-different Wi-Fi WPA2 key (Wi-Fi password) on it. Any user who can connect to it via Wi-Fi has the potential ability to connect to it, and easily corrupt the data you put on it, add something you didn’t know was there, and reconfigure the administrative settings.

SERIOUSLY, if you get one of these, please be very, very careful.