Gigastone Media Streamer Plus

Gigastone Media Streamer Plus

The Android app is no longer on Google Play.

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Here you go

Gigastone may no longer exist as a company. The “Gigastone warranty” link at the bottom of the Woot listing now results in an error msg. saying they company no longer subscribes to the warranty service. And trying “” in a browser takes me to a webmail login page that requires a user name & password.

Given that my Gigastone Media Streamer did not work correctly, and the difficulty (impossibility?) of contacting the company, I can only say, “Danger, Will Robinson.” A big Caveat Emptor on this turkey!

Does some reputable company make a product with a similar feature set??? I guess that will be my next research project.

Woot sells a lot of discontinued/unsupported items.

I purchased these for the wifi. So far 3 have failed. You can contact there support and they will give you a link for an ap that works for them and it’s not the Amazon one. It is gigastine so. Anyway 3 have failed. Yes they will replace them as they know there is an issue with them charging but you must pay to ship faulty one back then they will send replacement once they receive faulty one. These devices are trash the only thing I could get mi e to do was create a WiFi signal I could hook up to. Other than that totally useless. Buy something else after 3 weeks you will have a better chance hooking up to WiFi if you were to sit and try to guess your neighbors wifi password.