GIGAwoot Flash Drives by Gigs 2 Go (8GB x 4)

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GIGAwoot Flash Drives by Gigs 2 Go (8GB x 4)
Price: $26.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard (Free with Prime)
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, Mar 02 to Wednesday, Mar 07) + transit
Condition: Tearable


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… this is actually kinda cool.


I would rather have a wallet with Woot! on it. One of those Tyvek ones.

Too expensive

I like the idea but would love the idea and would buy around the 9.99 mark

USB 1.0?

These will be the next Wootopoly. I’ll wait until these are like $3 a piece.

Even then it’s not cheap enough. 32gb MicroSD cards were $6 this morning.

Don’t forget to add the price of a usb adapter, because the microsd ain’t gonna work in a usb port, bruh.

I recently got Wootopoly for free.

It’s currently sitting in a closet, and it will probably stay there.

i know, i got one of those :slight_smile:

Did woot choose to pre-load these with any files?

Hi-Speed USB 2.0

Weird. Very pricey. I find it amusing the write-up talks about “low cost” lol

I actually don’t want my electronic storage devices wrapped in biodegradable “protection”. Seems to defeat the purpose???

Fair enough. But the last Wootoff, there were Samsung 64gb flash drives that were $11.50.

Dollars, storage, and durability factored, it’s hard to want to spend a lot on these.

I’ll be in if they’re priced at 1/3rd a catshirt, however.

Now how you goin’ split a single 64gb card up for multiple people/uses? SMDH

Thanks for the info!