Gilbert Cellars - 3 Pack

Gilbert Cellars - 3 Pack
$42.99 + $5 shipping
1 2007 Allobroges, Columbia Valley
1 2007 Estate Syrah, Wahluke Slope
1 2008 Left Bank, Wahluke Slope
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Heh, I just went to their website like an hour ago looking to see if they ever updated their own ship-to list to include Michigan, so I could buy their Tempranillo port, Rose of Mourvedre, and Grenache icewine.

But alas.

I should have known this was going to come up. I’ve finished off my first set and found it excellent. I’m sitting on my second set hesitant to open it already.

Hey Time2TestIt, green woot’s insulting you! :stuck_out_tongue:

mmmm I think I’ll have to try it!

Lightning fast reflexes!

Gilbert Cellars - 3 Pack
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In 4 three… loved the last lot

Bought these recently. The Allobroges was especially delicious.

Aha! A reason to open a bottle! Thanks for the excuse, wine.woot-off.

Bought this last time it was offered. I’ve had the Left Bank. I found a strange dustiness to it (not tannin or acid related, something I’ve never encountered before). And general imbalance: the dustiness and some fruit, not integrated. Second day was better, though still not great.

Just opened the Allobroges…


Nice dark garnet.

Some red fruit on the nose, very subtle and understated.

Palate is interesting. NOT what I would expect from a Syrah-Mourvedre-Grenache blend. Even though the Grenache makes up only 14% it almost seems to dominate the palate. The tannins seem to need a little mellowing (I will Vinturi the next taste). But nice long finish, mostly dirt and earth with some fruit and even floral-ness around the edges.

With the Vinturi… Nose has not changed much. Color is, of course, the same. Tannins are more mellow and integrated. I’m getting more of the fruit and less of the dust/dirt. Even more integrated.

This is a very interesting wine. I like it. It’s big (thanks, Mourvedre), without being over powering. Definitely could use some decanting. Definitely not fruity or jammy, which I like.

Other wines I like: most Ridge, Reninger (Helix and recent Merlot offering), Wellington Syrahs (and other varietals), Corison (of course), Ty Caton (of course)…

Thanks for bringing this back! Decant the left bank for an hour and it drinks beautifully. Great every day drinkers. Have not tried the syrah yet.


First Woot of the Wootoff for me.

Been on wine.woot for two months and this is already a must have. Had the Allobroges a few weeks ago, and it was outstanding. Found it at my local wine store, but each of these ran over $25 a bottle. This is a good deal!

Loved it.

In for two.

Make it 256 bottles for my cellar and this near the top of must enjoy list

Bacon huh? Almost as good as pencil lead.

Actually I did detect the described pencil lead aroma in the Helix Merlot.

This is the third offering in a row I’ve been buzzkilled on.

I have not tried mine yet, but did anyone notice how heavy these bottles are?

Tempted to open a bottle from the last offering so I can fall in love with it and justify another purchase.

my neighborhood wine shop just so happened to have a tasting flight of e. WA reds, mostly bordeaux and rhone varietals, the friday this was first offered, and the '07 allobroges was one of the 6 or so. I thought it was good enough that I bought a set of these, but it was not the stand-out. No tasting notes, or flaws that I can speak of, just “pretty good GSM” kind of vibe, but not living up to my expectations from the woot write-up…no bacon! 2 oz pours, this was probably the 4th out 6-7.

SUCH a sucker for WA wines…w the rave reviews I can’t resist…if Corison or Ty come up this evening too I’m in real trouble:p

I had the allobroges from the last offer and man oh man was it delicious. Everything ive read about the left bank says it will be just as good as well.

in for 2

Definitely do not get any of the bacon or spice “advertised” in the description. Based on my experience of this and the Left Bank I am not inclined to get more. They’re not “bad,” and they are interesting, but not really what’s reported. My guess is they need to sit and I am out of room (and money).