Gilbert Cellars Columbia Valley Mixed (4)

Gilbert Cellars Columbia Valley Mixed 4-Pack
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2012 Syrah, Columbia Valley
2014 Unoaked Chardonnay, Columbia Valley
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Really enjoyed what I have had from Gilbert in the past although I have not had either of these.

Went to Gilbert Cellars tasting room in Yakima in early July and LOVED their Syrah. Very complex and delicious wine - reminiscent of a good northern Rhone Wine. One of the best QPR wines that we tasted in WA. In for two - Thanks Wine Woot!


Rattage for you, sir:

The Syrah was had on Sunday, and I have some notes but it was a super hot day and we were all sweating and playing card games (Evil Baby Orphanage, in case anyone is curious), so my review may not do it justice, but here goes:

My friends are a little on the let’s just say Spartan side, so I don’t have a good visual, the cups were questionably glass and gaudily colored. It had a nice deep blood red to it from above. The nose was dry but pleasant with not much fruit present–it had an older world wine scent to it, like the smell from bottles my dad used to open at dinner when I was a kid. On the palate some dark fruit–definitely some blackberry and currant–but not overly sweet or tart. Definitely a nice sipper and, when I started losing the game, a pleasant gulper as well. The French oak gives it a nice hint of spice, and doesn’t drown it in vanilla like a lot of the American oaked Syrahs I’ve had recently. Opened up nicely but was hurt a bit by the temperature of the room honestly. Overall I quite enjoyed it, and is well worth roughly $16 shipped (would easily pay up to $25-30, personally).

Review of the syrah via text from one friend who isn’t a big wine person: “Also: the wine was good, I enjoyed it :slight_smile: It was buttery and a little fruity. For more descriptors I’ll probably have to get out the flavor wheel”.

She works for the IRS though, so depending on your current tax status, you may or may not find her viewpoint useful.

As for the Chardonnay, give me an hour. I’m about to open it…

Rat part two: electric boogaloo (aka chardonnay)

Initial thoughts: the nose is sweet and vibrant, some passionfruit and pineapple, crisp green apple, nice hint of sweetness that is in no way overbearing. Buttery, very smooth. The mouthfeel is luxurious, hints of marshmallow without almost any of the flavor, just a touch of sweet and a general feeling of fluffy goodness.That’s kind of it, though; not a ton of flavor, pleasant but not a huge standout. Nice mouth feel, very full, but light on flavor and easy drinking. Probably an excellent sunshine sipper, not great at 1:30am but solidly good. Going to let the rest of the glass breathe a bit.

2am: Half an hour of air and brought to probably 60 or so, the nose is now, interestingly, dominated by apple and sweet/tart; think apple jolly ranchers. Not unpleasant by any means, quite enjoyable in fact. That flavor now dominates the palate as well, but with the marshmallow “feel” on top of it. Quite good body for an unoaked white, it is somewhat reminiscent of the orange wines I’ve had from here. A curious and enjoyable white. I’d say target around $20, so again $16 comes comfortably under.

Thanks for the notes, greyday.

“It had a nice deep blood red to it from above.”

The “from above” part made me LOL :slight_smile:

Chiming in to say that I too have enjoyed the Gilbert Cellars offers from the past. The numbers on these look good as well. I have been on a serious house poor WBM lately, but my interest is piqued by this offer.

Would be interesting to hear from the winemaker on the drinking windows for these wines. I have read that Justin cut his teeth out at Chatuea St Michelle and Silver Lake (the latter of which has made some quite age worthy reds).

I am still sitting on a couple of the 2007 Doc Stewart Syrahs and a '09 Allobroges and wondering when to pop the corks.

I am actually going to be out in Yakima at the end of this week and would be interested in stopping for a tour/tasting if that is possible.

Any reference to “Electric Boogaloo” is a winner

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