Gildan Men's Boxer Briefs 12-pack

What is the leg length?

This vendor doesn’t list that information. It’s show as regular leg length.

Boxer’s size is similar to jean’s size or it’s waist size ??? Help me please ???

What waist size is Large?

Walmart sells these, and I have purchased from there previously. Boxer brief length is roughly 4 inches below the crotch area.

I will note that I really like these - much better than either HANES or Fruit of the Loom. They maintain their shape and the waistband keeps its elasticity.

Large fits 34-36. Xtra large fits 38-40. I’m about a 37, and I can comfortably wear either of these, though XL is a bit better for me. They generally do NOT shrink much after laundering.

Haven’t wooted since 2016 and this deal is what brought me back.

YAY!!! If it takes underwear, we’re happy to sell underwear.

Yay! …and we’re so happy it’s not refurbished! :slight_smile:

No X-Large size

I bought a 12 pack of these from Woot a little less than a year and a half ago for my Husband. He’s a size 42, and the XL fit him well. I did however notice the first time some of them were washed, that they lost a lot of threads from around the seam area, and especially near the waistband. By the 3rd or 4th time being washed, several pair had developed rips in the seams, and had to be thrown out.

We received 9 pairs of black and 3 pairs of grey (different than the description of 6 Black, 6 Grey). It’s not a huge issue, just reporting what we got. He’s happy with the colors.

These Gildan boxers right out of the bag are at least one inch shorter and narrower than the same size pair of Hanes boxer briefs, which are 6 years old and have been washed hundreds of times. This does not bode well.

Tired, old Hanes pair is 15 inches from waistband to leg band.

Unwashed Gildan pair, same size, is 14 inches. The fabric is also much, much thinner than the Hanes. Which means they are probably going to shrink, big time. We might have our first Woot disappointment.

I took pictures but apparently I need to upload them to an external site, so I’ll add them later when I have time. I’m going to wash these to see the outcome and report back on the actual fit.

Okay, these are officially awful. The Dad wore a pair while we went shopping tonight and he was very unhappy. They shrunk so much, and they were already smaller right out of the pack than the same size he wears in Hanes so it was not good.

The legs on these are very short to begin with, and after washing and drying (on the lowest heat setting) they are just a joke. They are almost like regular briefs now, with just enough fabric protruding on the leg to irritate and chafe him after walking for a couple of hours.

I asked him if he could use them to just sleep in and he said no. They are too restrictive, and these Gildans have two seams on the seat which he swears he could feel. His Hanes do not have any seams along the seat.

As an aside, the residue from the cellophane tape they used to roll these up to fit in the package remained after washing and drying. It looks awful.

Edited to remove request for staff assistance. Contacted customer service directly.

I would not recommend these to anyone, sorry to say. A good deal isn’t a bargain if they don’t fit! Definitely a disappointment because we have lots of Gildan t-shirts and hoodies in our family, some that have held up nicely over many years. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to order these. Lesson learned.

Sized smaller than advertised. I wear 44 jeans and the 2XL feel like they are trying to turn my dick into an innie.

Finally uploaded the pictures.

Before washing, measured against a pair of 6-year-old Hanes in the same size (please ignore the cat hair, she’s quick!)

After washing and drying on the lowest heat. Notice the tape residue in the upper left corner. See how much they have shrunk!

These run very small. Purchased a large for a 34 inch waste and they are way too tight to wear. Gave the eleven unworn pairs away to a very thin friend.

I took a chance on this and got what I paid for. Inferior quality product. Heavy and rough material even after a wash. Bottom line is they are not comfortable. I will donate them. Buyer beware on this product!