Gildan Mens Heavy Cotton Tees 5 or 10-Pk

Gildan Mens Heavy Cotton Tees 5 or 10-Pk

The colors shown in the PURPLE 10-pack
look like two of the colors are way more on the Pink end of the spectrum
than the colors shown in the PURPLE 5-Pack
are the two sets of colors really that different???

Gildan t-shirts in adult and youth, $2 each with free in store pickup at Michaels. Choose whatever colors you want.


  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • 100% cotton - most colors
  • 90/10 blend - sport gray and antique heathers
  • 50/50 blend - safety colors and heathers

[MOD: Our tee is the G5001 heavy tee by Gildan with a weight of 5.3oz. Michaels tees are in the 3-4 oz range. ]

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They feel like sack cloth, but they’re always cheap.


My kinda woman.


Sure wish that they were available in pocketed style.


I’ve been waiting for a couple of years for the random t-shirt box (7 of whatever they pick off the top of the pile thrown into a box) for a decent price to return. This isn’t it. Also, I need at least 2X and all of these assortments only go up to XL, even though the spec sheet says up to 5X. Did the scalpers buy all of the outsize shirts so they could resell them at higher prices? Perspiring minds want to know…

Not at that price. It probably says 5x because they imported the description from Amazon.

No deal here, Woot has been a waste of time for some time. $25 for 5 imported t’s, nope! 3xl nope … 4xl nope … This Woot deal makes as much sense as the Amazon email daily deal i just received … * Deal of the Day Get $0.99 off Echo Spot

99 cents off … really?

It’s like the Amazon lightning deals, typically either there is 1 good item on sale every week and 20 pages of overpriced junk for the rest of the week and pages.

I wish Woot would start offering some fishing sales of value. This is the time of year to strike on fishing deals. Penn reals and such.

Walmart has absolutely been killing it it with electronics and fishing sales. Target is killing it on board game sales. Macys has been having a blowout on all their cookware. Kohls has been having some nice big sales. Rakuten has been killing Amazon on electronics. Ebay/Home Depot has been killing Amazon on tools. Cotsco has been killing Woot/Amazon on smart watches. Pretty much everyone has beaten Woot’s recent deals.

The only products they seem to offer good deals on are their own backbone products; such as kindles and smart home plugs or Philips products. Usually they get some pretty fair Apple refurb deals too. Amazon has been doing pretty well with Oral-B but recently Walgreens were beating their lowest historic prices.

The current Worx deal is okay. I’ve seen everything there go for less. The saw was $70 last year on Amazon for the entire summer. The drill is $49.99 all over ebay constantly without the bit kit. Other two products are junk.

At least Woot has the disappointment market cornered.


I thought this was pretty good, but the shipping time LOL.

You can get it cheaper than advertised price in the sense that people may not see that $20 off on $100+ order. The cheaper filler posted on Slickdeals makes it a steal. That is why it’s sold out. It’s been a Front Page deal on SlickDeals for a bit now. It’s been showing up on sale a lot recently. I suspect there is going to be some really killer deals hitting near the 4th. Here’s to hoping.

Woot can win me back on Penn II+ fishing deals. Or Sufix 832 braided line.

I call BS on this one. No 3xl or 4xl sizes is discrimination! Furthermore, I can wait a week or tow to get these for $2.00 from Amazon.

Thanks so much - great post!

many seem to be sold out or not available.

No love for your XXL Wooters in this deal??

Sorry. We get the sizes that our vendor has available.

That’s what they want you to think.

FYI: Our tee is the G5001 heavy tee by Gildan with a weight of 5.3oz. Michaels tees are in the 3-4 oz range.

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