Gildan Mens Heavy Cotton Tees 5 or 10-Pk

Hey guys. Deleted a couple posts. Please don’t make personal attacks.


The T-shirts at Michael’s are not the same it’s lower ounce and not Heavy Cotton - you also get these delivered to you no need to go to store.

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Tags? What year is this?

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  1. Where you been?

Hey TT … any info on what appears to be a different color selection between 5 pack and 10 pack?

Not sure. I’ll ask but may not hear back. Could just be color correction on the photos.

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I have no complaints. Most the reviews state they are using them as craft shirts for teams and such. I own both versions and prefer the tagless version which is also the $2 version.

Worth noting you can search G5000 on google shopping and find shops selling these for cheaper than Woot right now. Same 5.3oz weight. I guess Woot has the exclusive g5001 which increases it’s value due to made up stock numbers that return nothing from google. :wink:

They also offer XXL+ sizes that people have been asking for, but the price is higher, which is probably why Woot wasn’t interested in reselling them.