Gildan Men's Performance Tech Shirts 8Pk

Gildan Men's Performance Tech Shirts 8Pk

Trying to buy two sets of these for a donation event and am signed into my Amazon account in the Woot app on my phone. Shipping is showing as $6.00 and there’s no 17% discount being applied. Help?

Edited: I cleared my cart and tried again and now the Prime discount shows up but the shipping is still $6.00.

Edit: Tried a third time and hit Place order by mistake and was charged shipping.

I am trying to buy them too. No discount and $6 shipping in my checkout. How can I change this?

Hi there, so sorry to hear about the trouble. Please contact Woot CS and we’ll be happy to refund the shipping cost to you.

Hi! A few things to try:

To Get the 17% Discount

If you’re using Login with Amazon, look for the “Use this address” button. Once you click/tap that, the checkout page will continue loading and the discount will be shown on the subtotals on the right.

Still showing $6 shipping

Here’s a few things to try:

  • Log out of Woot and log in using the Login with Amazon button

  • On the checkout page, check “use this address”

  • If you are using Microsoft Edge, switch to Chrome or FireFox

  • Clear cookies for Amazon & Woot

  • Allow cookies from Amazon & Woot

  • Allow pop-ups; turn off pop-up blockers

  • Log out and back in on Amazon, especially if you’ve changed anything there (e.g. cards, email, etc.)

  • Try an incognito or private mode in your browser

I tried most of these but according to the listing, if you use a browser you don’t get the 17% discount.

The 17% came off after I chose my address but the shipping cost did not go away. I logged out and back in with Amazon again and still the shipping was there. So I wrote to Woot CS. Thanks for the help.

The discount is applied at checkout!

Um, okay? But it didn’t for me.

Maybe it was broken before, because it just worked for me. Of course, after reading the messages, I signed out of Woot on my app then signed back in. Even then, it asked me to sign in yet again when I went to buy it (and gave me the option to sign in to either Woot or theAmazonIndustrialComplex–I chose the latter).

Do these run small (Gildan 8 pack)? I need to know if I order would 1 size up equal a more loose fit.

From what I can see online, these shirts fit true to size.