Gildan Men's Performance Tech T-Shirts

Gildan Men's Performance Tech T-Shirts

Shirt pockets seem to be long-time-gone…
(I really hate to sit on my phone).

They don’t allow pockets in the warehouse because they’re afraid the shirts will shoplift.

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Would you rather develop breast cancer? Study exist that found a link to breast cancer and women that had a habit of sticking their phones in their bras. It was pretty convincing when they noted that the cancers would often be in the precise spot beneath the place the women put the phones. Not in the other breast only in the one under the phone. Remember even dudes can get breast cancer, do you really one to be one of the few dudes that gets it?

Shirt pockets hold phones? Without falling out? I can’t imagine a phone lasting very long in a shirt pocket even doing normal activities, but these shirts are for working out. One movement and that’s going flying.

Scary stuff… especially as a dude who usually carries his phone in his front pants pocket close to… you know… “the boys”. Would rather not end up with testicular cancer either! Yikes.

Really want these shirts and almost passed them by because of the inability to choose colors. But I ordered 2 sets of them to increase the chances of getting the colors I want.

The colors I have zero interest in: white, red, and black.

I’m taking bets on how many of each of those colors I’ll receive. Maybe I’ll get lucky this time. I haven’t yet when I’ve taken a chance on randoms. If this attempt fails, never again.

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@WootyBot fortune

Will beebles get the colors he wants?


:crystal_ball: Without a doubt

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Looks like I’m in the market for a belt-holster for the phone. Or an armband (a little too much like a fanny pack?)…

How the heck am I to use there sizing? Body length and width? Wow so stupid…

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Pants side pockets?

That is one funny sizing chart!

It’s not that bad- I survived… signed: One Nut Charlie

To be as safe as I can I always set the phone on my desk when I get to work, in the center console when driving and on a change dish when at home. Always minimize the time your phone is right next to your soft tissue. It may be overly cautious but I’ve become quite fond of my boys over the years and would hate to have to say goodbye to either of them.

Do you have an objective reference for this? I can’t find anything in Medline. This just screams “urban legend”, partially because not only have I never seen a woman with a phone in a shirt pocket, I can’t recall ever seeing a women’s shirt with a pocket that could accommodate a phone.

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Well, let’s do the math.

  • There are 10 colors
  • Beebles doesn’t want 3 out of those 10 (meaning she’s open to 7)
  • They’re sold as an 8-pack
  • She ordered two packs

Soo… uh… Lemme talk this out, I’ve almost got it.
As long as the colors are randomized, it doesn’t matter that they’re in 8-packs. In other words, there’s no guarantee that there are 8 distinct colors in each pack; there’s a 1-in-10 chance that it’s all one color. So the probability of any particular outcome, when buying 2 8-packs, is the same as if she just bought individual random-color shirts 16 times.
If you like 7 out of 10 colors and dislike 3, every time a shirt is picked you have a 70% chance of being pleased and a 30% chance of being displeased.
I had to go google a probability calculator, but if I’m reading Probability Calculator right, she has a 0.3% chance that every one of her 16 shirts is a “liked” color, and a 99.9% chance that at least one disliked color will show up.
As for the odds of how many of each disliked color she’ll get? Uhhh… uhhhhh… Nope, I’m getting lost in the math already. Hey, can we pretend that they come in 10-packs?
Okay, done. Let’s say she’s buying 10 shirts. If I understand what normal distribution means (spoiler, I don’t), the “odds are” she’d get one of every color, including each disliked one. So in her 10-pack there might be 3 disliked shirts. 16 shirts is 10 x 1.6, and 3 x 1.6 is 4.8, so… I’m gonna say she’ll get 5 disliked shirts. And now I’m totally guessing about their distribution… I’m gonna say… 2 white, 2 black, 1 red.

Now @beebles , so far you’ve just framed it as being about avoiding the colors you don’t want. Wanna up the ante and say which colors you most want?

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Got a link to that study? I need some bathroom reading material.

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