Gildan Men's Short Sleeve Tees 12-Pack

i think it was a couple dollars cheaper couple months back

Secret best T-shirt source: Go to Michael’s, the arts & crafts store. 100% cotton tees, in just about any color you could possibly want, for $3 each, and sometimes $2 each. Slightly more expensive, but you won’t get stuck with, like, 30% colors you’d never wear.

You beat me to it…Michael’s for the win!

I think they were 25.99 last time. I pulled the trigger then. The shirts feel like they have a low thread-count. They feel scratchy and you can easily see light through them. They are not for the Met Gala. I wear them for yard work and the gym.

Thanks good information.

And even less expensive if you add one of their coupons 40%-60% 0ff.

Where is the XXL size? I think last time they didn’t have any either.

That model is really good at holding the exact precise same pose in nearly every picture. Very talented.

Bought these last time, they shrink a size or so after 2-3 washings.

You are the hero we needed. Quality and comfort was exactly what I was wondering about. Thank you for sharing your experience.

I bought these last time for $25.99, and although they are not the quality of a $10 or $12 shirt, these are not bad for the price. I did get some funky colors, but they are great for lazing around, camping and working in the yard or on the car.

As far as being scratchy or thin, I did not find that, nor did I have issues with shrinkage!

If I still needed shirts, I would buy them again!

These are bad shirts in awful colors. Trust me, I bought them last time.

I must have a pocket. Any deals with a pocket?

completely agree… Bought these 2 months ago… They are not the best , but they are very comfortable and they are not thin… I would give them an above average rating… And Well worth the price

If ANYBODY but me gets to pick the colors, it’s NOT A DEAL!! If the knit is thin and/or scratchy, it’s NOT A DEAL! If ANY of the “colors” you get are BLACK, WHITE, or GREY, it’s not only NOT A DEAL, it’s a bait and switch RIPOFF.
I say this as a lifelong chromophile, for whom the first great invention of the Twentieth Century was the 64-color box of Crayolas, saving me from a cheerless world of… what were they? SIX COLORS? Dear God. The mere recollection pains me.
I’m sure you are all decades younger than I, but DON’T BE MISLED
by this “deal.” It can bring you only cheap, scratchy, off-grain t-shirts in horrible colors.
Oh, and did any of YOU think that word was pronounced MY-zuld until some sympathetic elder corrected you? Just wondering.