Gillette Mach3 Compatible Cartridges-8Pk

I bought these, late last year. I tried to use them, but the blades pulled my whiskers, rather than cut them, as with the actual Gillette razor cartridges. I will pass these off to my wife to shave her legs. Maybe my beard is too tough, but I didn’t think it was that bad. No blood was drawn, but it did produce a lot of bumps from the pulling. Also, it did not shave closely.

Stay far away from these blades unless you just like paying for and tossing your money away!

If you want good inexpensive blades get a Harry’s package, way cheaper than the name brands, and 10 times better than these.

Don’t do it. These are horrible! You’d be better off shaving with a broken piece of glass

Got these some time ago. THey are a total rip-off. It’s almost like the “blades” were never sharpened. They are not capable of cutting hair.

These are by far the worst razors I have ever used. I think the disposable plastic ones even work better than these. Expect maybe 1 shave out of them and it be a crappy one before your finished. Waste of money! The real Gillette Mach 3 blades are a million times better! You get what you pay for!