Gillette Mach3 Compatible Cartridges-8Pk

I bought these last time Woot had them for sale. PLEASE DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. I suffer each time I shave. This is the worst blade ever invented. Don’t not buy it. This is your warning…

you’re welcome

Agreed. These suck! I just ended throwing them out.

Worst shave ever. Horrible blades. Do not waste your money.

Please bring back the “King of Shaves” system that failed in the UK and USA. Some (most) said they were like shaving with the edge of a plastic spoon, but they work for me!

Bad, REALLY bad! Dont waste your money or time, least of all your face on these.

+1 to all of the above. One razor per package may be sharp enough if you’re lucky but the majority are crap. Good thing I bought 36…

I’ll send you mine…I switched to a double-edge old school safety and haven’t looked back.

Don’t waste your money on these razors!
It’s a horrible product.

It will hurt your face because these razors are dull.

Bad razors and only received 4 instead of 8. Waste of money

Oh man, sorry. If you haven’t, please email with your order number and issue; they can get you taken care of for the missing cartridges.

These razors are actually just fine once you figure out that you have to hold them at a different angle from the name-brand Mach3 Turbos. These shave best at around a 90 degree angle (whereas the regular refills shave best around a 30 degree angle). I was really frustrated at first too, even exclaiming, “How do you fuck up sharpened metal? Seriously, razor, you had one job to do!” But once I figured out the angle trick, I apologized to it and said it’s okay to be different and that I accept it for who it is.