Gillette Mach3 Compatible Cartridges-8Pk

(as I’ve commented on previously)

    These pop up on Woot now and then. Be noticed that they are awful. They work as though the blades were never sharpened. You won’t even get one decent shave from them. They are a total waste - don’t be tempted.

Woot! - please stop offering these and recycle or landfill the stock that you still have.

Agreed. These are worthless.

Retail $39.95 for a knockoff non-oem brand???
Even Amazon only wants $21.84 for a REAL Gillette brand 8-pack (which, from other comments, would be a far better deal than these cheap substitutes).

Agree with everything posted here. It was excruciating trying to shave once with these things. Could get a better shave with a 25 cent disposable razor.

Agree as well with all! Fell for this once - had 8 blades, tried 3 out of them hoping each time it might be different - threw them all away after. I’ve had better and less painful shaves trying for a 3rd week with a true Gillette Mach3.

EPIC MASSive pile of shit FAILURE!!!

Felt like I was shaving with a dull butcher knife! Luckily the first one blew apart so I didnt have to LOOK like I shaved with a dull butcher knife!!